NSW Treasury

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The Client

NSW Treasury

The Challenge

Show the people of NSW how they will benefit from the state government’s record investment in infrastructure. (Jump straight to the video)

The Detail

It’s tricky to get people interested when you talk about infrastructure. Throw in a figure of $80 billion and you’re all but guaranteed to lose your intended audience.

The number seems too big to grasp and many are uncertain what ‘infrastructure’ even means. But it affects everyone’s quality of life so there has to be a way to make it relevant. There is.

NSW Treasury

The Solution

As always, the answer is to show your audience the impact on them. In this case, new and improved hospitals, schools, transport, emergency services and community facilities.

Yes, we needed to show the big picture, but we also had to speak to their specific needs. After all, a new school in Bega is of limited interest to someone in Grafton.

So, in tandem with a tight, clear script, we devised visuals that made people throughout this very large state understand the impressive bang they’re getting for their buck. We created animations and graphics, sourced on-camera talent from the relevant sectors and did on location filming with them as well as the NSW Treasurer.

The Result

An engaging and informative 1’54” video, allowing Treasury to communicate its message to its intended audience and also to potential investors and business operators.

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