7 Steps

7 Steps to TELL Your Story

  1. What is the single key message you want to convey? The law of diminishing communication returns means the more you try to cram in, the less your audience will absorb.
  2. Know your audience. Age, favourite show, passions, dislikes: it all matters.
  3. Now focus on the vital “why”. Why will they care about your message? Why is it relevant? What’s in it for them?
  4. How do you want them to feel? Great communication moves hearts as well as minds.
  5. Where will your audience see your communication? Social media? Website? Industry presentation? TV and online news sites? Context is crucial.
  6. Use story elements to get your message across. Story engages us, breaks down barriers and creates communities. Facts woven into stories become memorable in a way facts alone never do.
  7. Keep it short … concise … brief … to the point. What does “short” look like in a video? Under two minutes.

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