The Client

Synapse Medical Services

The Challenge

Communicate the benefits of the company’s revolutionary medical-billing app ‘Synapps’ to busy doctors via a series of videos. (Jump straight to the video)

The Detail

Synapps allows medical providers to take care of billing at the point of service via the smart-phone in their pocket, rather than being buried under mountains of office paperwork. It’s brilliant in its design and usability, impeccable in its detail and security, and a huge time-saver for overworked medicos. The client wanted a series of videos that would show new users exactly what the app had to offer.

The problem was, the very people it could benefit most were those least likely to spare time to find out more.

Tell - Synapse

The Solution

Instead of requiring these doctors to seek out the videos, we came up with a way to deliver the material to them at their convenience: via the app itself. We wrote, produced, shot and edited the videos and created the graphics, delivering the complete package. We kept the messaging short and punchy and spoke directly to their needs. Tagline: “Your specialty is patient care, not paperwork. That’s ours”.

The Result

A series of videos that have proved highly effective in cutting through to the target audience via the app but which can also be used on YouTube or in corporate presentations when needed.

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