Northern Sydney Local Health District

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The Client

Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD)

The Challenge

To ensure that each one of the 13,000-plus staff understood the organisation’s CORE values and could recognise how those values manifest day to day. (Jump straight to the video)

The Detail

The NSLHD workforce is not only very large, it is remarkably diverse, taking in record-keepers, kitchen-hands, nurses, surgeons and other doctors, cleaners, allied health professionals, orderlies and much more. But the values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment apply to everyone: all staff must abide by the CORE values and can expect to be treated accordingly. This can only work if each member of this disparate group knows what the values are and understands what they mean. Our job was to create a video (taking care of every step from creative concept to shooting, editing and graphic production) to achieve this.

Northern Sydney Local Health District


The Solution

Rather than ‘talking at’ the audience, we talked to them … and by doing so had them communicate directly with their peers. We took 28 people from different parts of the workforce and filmed them talking directly to camera about what the CORE values meant to them. Their responses were unscripted, real and meaningful. Sometimes they were also funny. Our understanding of effective communication meant we didn’t cut out these warm, intensely human moments. We left them in, knowing that the end product would be something people actually enjoyed watching.

The Result

So rich was the material that we ended up making two videos. They were shared among staff, family and friends, viewed thousands of times and continue – 12 months on – to be used as the basis of training, induction and discussion. What gives the video relevance and longevity is the authenticity of the staff’s voices.

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