Breast Cancer Trials

The Client

Breast Cancer Trials

The Challenge

To create a portfolio of material to introduce this newly rebranded entity and make it stand out from a crowded field. (Jump straight to the video)

The Detail

Two of Australasia’s highest-achieving breast cancer organisations merged and rebranded. The clinical research-focused Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group united with its fundraising and education arm, the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia, under the new name Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) with the tagline, “Trials save lives”.

In preparation for BCT’s launch we were asked to produce a TVC, a corporate video and social media content to explain the merger and introduce the organisation’s work to those unfamiliar with it. The major challenge was the overcrowding in the ‘breast cancer sector’ — BCT has an unequalled track record, but its work is unfamiliar to many who can name other major players.

Breast Cancer Trials


The Solution

BCT’s clinical trials have achieved treatment breakthroughs that have genuinely saved millions of lives. This was the point of difference we focused on in order to come up with a unique proposition, explained in the script this way, “You can get emotional about breast cancer. But we’d rather get scientific, get practical, get results …” Having scripted words delivered by a mix of researchers, doctors, fundraisers and cancer trial participants and their families created a powerful mix of emotion and fact, with a compelling call to action.

The Result

A full suite of material, as commissioned. In addition, we worked with Brandcraft, the very talented designer Nick and “Brand Guru” Richard, to adapt the video script and concept into the print campaign.

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